We built our company to empower people to take control of their health and enable health providers to engage with and better understand their patients. Preventing and managing chronic disease is influenced by how we live and how we behave.

Everyone has personal health goals they want to achieve but most people struggle to reach them. They fail not because of lack of resources or will, but because behavior change is really hard to make and habits are really hard to break. Our goal is to help them.

We’re focused on helping people tackle those really tough personal challenges such as smoking cessation, drinking less alcohol, getting fit, overcoming depression, adhering to medication, rehab after an injury and eating well. People often fail at these goals because they are dealing with chemical or emotional addiction, social distractions, lack of motivation, poor understanding of their health, no support or ineffective tools all of which lead to gradual discouragement.

We help solve this problem with a web and mobile platform called Goalpost. Goalpost helps users achieve those really hard goals by breaking them down into incremental steps and focusing on achieving them with guidance from, and together with, friends and experts. It’s an emotionally rewarding journey that they can capture and share, encouraging others to do the same.

Meet the team

Siobhan Bulfin

Founder, CEO

A social entrepreneur, Siobhan has over 15 years’ experience in marketing and business development, running her own companies, social media and game design.

Felipe Skroski

Lead UX / UI Designer

Social Code follows a user-centered design process with Felipe at the helm. Originally from Brazil, Felipe has 15 years’ experience in UX and UI in Brazil and New Zealand specialising in social and mobile interfaces.

Nancy Amato

Community Manager

Based out of Goalpost’s US Head Office, Hermosa Beach, California, Nancy looks after the community on Goalpost, facebook and twitter.

Robin Marshall

Lead Achitect & Developer

Robin has 17 years’ experience across a range of languages and frameworks. Solution-orientated, Robin has led large-scale projects in Aus & NZ and has spent the last 5 years specialising in mobile development.

Dr Chris Masters

Medical Director

Chris graduated in Medicine from the University of Otago in 1991 and has been a General Practitioner since 1997. He has been a partner of a large integrated family practice since 1999, and its Managing Partner since 2005. He has combined this with the role of Clinical Director for one of the countries high performing PHO's.

Luiz Gustavo Faria


Luiz grew up in Uberlandia Brazil, and is uber keen on rock music, movies and playing guitar. Luiz studied Computer Science because he "wanted to build and create cool stuff.

Alex Li


Originally from Anhui in China, Alex now calls New Zealand home. In his spare time, he's enjoying the outdoors, running, swimming, hanging out with friends and embracing all things kiwi!

Diego Maia Evangelista


Diego hails from Fortaleza in the north east of Brazil. Diego loves designing and coding interfaces and travelling the world.

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