The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is conducting the Market R&D Pilot Challenge, an initiative to match healthcare organizations with innovative companies.

The high barrier to entry in the Health IT space often hinders the adoption of new technologies in patient populations. The goal of the challenge is to bring “Hosts” (organizations) and “Innovators” (startups) together to facilitate pilot studies, fast-tracking innovation to the market place.

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SF Matchmaking Day

In mid January 2015, Social Code was invited to the ONC Matchmaking Day by three Hosts who requested to meet with us. We were allocated 15 minutes with each Host to pitch our healthcare solution and discover whether a potential partnership could take place.

Health 2.0, the administrator of the event, did a wonderful job keeping the meetings flowing and ensuring the right Hosts and Innovators found each other.

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Next Steps

We’re very excited to already have one discussion underway for a pilot study using our patient engagement platform. Our partner is a highly respected health organization in not only the Bay Area, but the entire country.

We will be making an announcement on the final details in due course, so stay tuned!