Our Solution

Social Code’s solution helps prevent and manage chronic disease through connected care.

Designed For You

Each disease is unique. We customize a solution specific to your needs.

Let’s empower people to take control of their health by giving them the right tools, support and information to manage their condition. You can combine and customize any of the following features:

Private Social Network

A safe, supportive online community allows patients to connect and support each other.

Clinical Support

Extend care beyond the clinic. Harness the support of patient’s family and care-givers via remote monitoring.

Video Appointments

Patients can schedule video appointments with their HCP without leaving home.

Health Tracking

Patients can track their symptoms and keep a diary of their progress.

Data Integration

Our API integrates with all legacy systems and wearable technology.

Resources Library

Multi-media resources to improve patients' understanding of their disease and confidence to manage it.

Virtual Coach

A trained Community Manager nurtures conversations, monitors content and helps keep patients engaged.

Goal Setting

Health goals, challenges and intrinsic rewards help keep patients motivated and on track.

Web, Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Our responsive design ensures accessibility across devices. We also develop native apps.

Built to scale

Our solution is tailored to your budget and growth.

We collaborate with a range of health providers, both private and public, big and small.

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