The Medicine 2.0 conference will be held in Malaga, Spain and Maui, Hawaii this year. We’re thrilled to have not just one, but two of our abstracts accepted at this leading academic conference for health technology.

Our presentation will share insights from our web and mobile solutions for patient engagement health behavior change. GoalPost, Drinksmart, Kaitown and MyViva are all social media based tracking, treatment, internvention and education tools. Although each of them address different health challenges, the social engagement, persuasive technologies and expert advice provided through our platform has resulted in thriving and supportive online communities with improved medication adherence and health outcomes.

In addition to a presentation, we have been invited to conduct a tutorial on successful online community management. The one hour session is entitled ‘Online Community Management Best Practice: Managing Supportive and Engaged Online Patient Communities’. Online patient communities are becoming increasingly vital in the patient care landscape. We’ll share our experience as community managers of growing online patient communities, and run an interactive, fun tutorial based on leading edge best practice.

Medicine 2.0 will be held from October 9-10 in Spain, and November 13-14 in Hawaii. To attend the conference, please visit Medicine 2.0.