Code Blue

A free and simple app to help young people in distress get immediate support.

Social Code Initiative


The inspiration came when two mothers using our GoalPost app to quit smoking, asked if there was something similar for teenagers struggling with depression. That got us thinking.


Approximately one in seven young people will experience a major depressive disorder before the age of 24. We sought feedback on the concept from youth mental health organisations in New Zealand, the US and UK and tested the idea on teenagers themselves. One thing came through clearly - young people often don’t recognize what they’re experiencing as depression, can’t always articulate what they are feeling, yet desperately want help.


Code Blue is a simple smartphone app that acts as a mobile support crew. Designed to help teenagers get help when they most need it, lets you select a support crew who on receiving a ‘Code Blue’ will provide immediate support via text, phone, or by showing up.

One Tap Alert

At the tap of a button, Code Blue sends an alert to a pre-selected support crew indicating they need immediate help.

Location aware

Code Blue uses geo-targeting to let the support crew know the location of the person in need of help. They then have the option to provide support in person, using the app to send back a message to say they are on their way.


Supporters are equipped with tips on what to do to help someone in distress, as well as links to local support services and emergency help.

Alert info and updates

When a Code Blue is sent out, the support crew is alerted. They can then immediately get in contact, as well as see progress updates and get tips on what to do and say in an emergancy situation.


Code Blue won first prize and $10,000 at the Mobileys for early-stage wireless apps or services that make the world a better place.

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