My Viva

Patient community for New Zealanders on the drug Humira.



There was an unmet need among patients with chronic disease who wanted access to more information and to connect with someone ‘just like them’.


AbbVie needed a patient engagement solution for people on the drug Humira that would adhere to regulatory healthcare and pharmaceutical guidelines, yet offer the full scope and strength of a patient community. The solution would form part of the Humira Patient Support Programme named 'Viva' which means 'embrace life' and its sole focus is patient wellness and emotional well-being.


MyViva is a private online community with personalised health content. It provides a more holistic approach to engaging with patients; providing information and education, specific to each patient’s particular disease, as well as personalised content that can lead to an improved lifestyle while living with their disease.

Connect, share and support

The community is a place where people on the drug Humira can connect with one another, share their experiences, provide support to one another and receive professional help.

Resources and information

Patients have direct access to a range of resources, and information within the community. They can share their experiences on the public newsfeed or via private chat or video conference with the MyViva nurses.

“It's fantastic to connect with people who understand what it's like to have a chronic condition and use the same medication. If I have a question there's always a variety of people who can offer their experiences, and Viva nurses to share their expertise - and I like helping other people by sharing my own advice too. It's comforting to have Viva nurses checking in on me, even when everything is going well and I'm feeling healthy.”

MyViva user


There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback from the members of the MyViva community.

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