Parent & caregiver community encouraging healthy eating for children under the age of five.



Healthy eating starts at home. However the challenge for families is that meals need to be cheap and convenient while remaining tasty - so kids will actually eat it.


The New Zealand Heart Foundation needed an online community to provide support, advice and motivation for parents and caregivers to provide healthier food for their children under the age of 5.


Kai Town is a support community for young families to share their successes and meal ideas, to participate in week-long healthy eating challenges, and to have ready access to expert support, healthy recipes & tips.

Engaging and fun challenges to encourage healthy eating habits.

Kai Town utilises applied game design with week long challenges that help community members form healthier eating habits in small achievable steps. We designed a custom set of illustrations to inspire Kai Town users to join the challenges.

Community, Tips, Recipes and Ideas

Kai Town also provides expert support and a community of like-minded people sharing tips, recipes and ideas on the public newsfeed. The advice given is focused on small changes, such as food swaps, that are easy, cheap & tasty.


While still in its initial pilot phase, the number of successfully completed challenges has risen from 5% in January 2014 to 66% in March 2014.

In the same time, the number of visitors to the Kai Town website rose by 108% and our Facebook community currently has over 4,650 likes.

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